June 20, 2007

On Cloud Nine

So I'm pretty much on cloud nine today. Olivia and I went and picked up my new X-Runner last night. It's simply incredible. So much fun to drive.

We arrived at McGeorge last night around 7pm. When we pulled up, my heart was racing and the truck was sitting right out front...GLOWING. I swear this Speedway Blue paint has some kind of crazy additive that makes it radiate at sunrise and sundown. I've never owned a vehicle in such a brilliant color.

We took it for a drive (ya know, to make sure the wheels didn't fall off) and then we returned to the dealership to sign the papers and all. Oh yeh, when I sat in the drivers seat for the first time, the odometer displayed: 5. YES!!!

When you're doing a deal like this, there's always that fear that you'll go to sign the final paperwork and some surprise will pop up. Maybe a fee that the dealer didn't tell you about or some other miscalculation that ends up costing you more money than you originally thought. In this case, one of those things came up, but instead of it being a negative change, it was a positive. My sales lady and I had previously negotiated a 6.1% interest rate. Which, when I made my deal with her last month was exactly what CapitolOne and E-Loan.com were offering. But as we started going through all of the figures, there it was: 5.89%. YES!!!

So, we finished signing everything and left there around 8pm.

Buying the truck yesterday was really a pretty huge event for me. Those of you that know me know how long I've been dreaming about this purchase. It was a goal, it was my incentive to work hard in everything I do. I had a separate savings account to save up for this truck as well as a ceramic piggy bank on my dresser labeled "New Truck Fund". I had AutoTrader bookmarks in my browser for the past 6 months where I'd check at least once a day for new trucks for sale in the area. I've truly spent a ton of time thinking and planning this purchase and it's just crazy to think that I've finally reached achieved my goal.

So of course the next step: I've already starting to plan out what modifications I want to do first. Definitely looking at getting a short shifter, intake and exhaust. Beyond that..we'll see.

Posted by Jeff at June 20, 2007 3:14 PM

Wow...purty color!! :-)

Posted by: Jennifer at June 21, 2007 9:08 AM
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